Every month, Camelot puts out a list of unclaimed prizes. In most cases, these are small. Perhaps some players think those prizes are small enough not to bother claiming. However, every so often, it’s a big prize that goes unclaimed. In February millionsand March 2019, several million pound prizes will expire. Camelot is calling on players to check their tickets. As the value of the three large prizes are £1m exactly, it’s likely players were unaware of the Millionaire Maker raffle draw. This is where a unique number on the ticket gives non-winners a second chance to win.

Meicai station salesperson "mistakes" 3 million US dollars winning ticket to win one more ticket

Incredible $600,000 in cash! Two other winners beat all 5 white numbers with a price tag of $200,000.

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Abraham Shakespeare won a $30 million lottery prize in 2006. Two years later, Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore (Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore) approached him, and the latter said that she was writing a book on how people use him. According to Fox News, she quickly becmillionsame his financial adviser and slowly took away his money.

Work," she said. "Every new friend becomes your friend. "When their numbers surged, he made a fortune." After the study, Vaughan never said again, "Gissad." Wewerenumb. We exaggerated forty-five tickets, and four blank papers matched.

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